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Mahla Bakhshi - candidate for the position of Vice President

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

UiAdoc will have its fifth Annual General Assembly on December 8 (Thursday) 2022.

Mahla Bakhshi, who is a PhD student in the Engineering and Science, told us why she would like to run for the position of Vice President.

"After a talk with the current VP in one of the events organized by UiAdoc, I became interested in running for the VP position.

On my first day at UiA, mid-Nov, I was scrolling through my email inbox full of meetings and introductory documents. I found an email from UiAdoc for the wine-tasting event, which was open for registration. By then, I did not know about UiAdoc and its role, but my friends/colleagues and I decided to attend anyways. Apart from having fun, I met UiAdoc board members, and get to know other Ph.D./postdocs, which was a fantastic opportunity for me as a newcomer.

With my first positive experience with UiAdoc, I eagerly registered for the Christmas party, and some people that I had met from the previous event encouraged me to run for VP. My thoughts on that and the discussions I had with other UiAdoc board members led me to sign up for the board. Considering my strong communication and interpersonal skills, I believe I can play an active role in the UiAdoc committee. Although I am new to Norway and UiA, I have attended almost all events and made good connections with other employees, which I feel makes me a suitable candidate for this position.

Moreover, Ashvini, a friend, colleague, and ex-housemate, is running for the event coordinator position. Thus, we are confident that we can effectively collaborate together as board members of UiAdoc."

Here is the link to Mahla's profile.

UiAdoc Board wishes you both all the best for the elections.

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