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Tererai Obey Sithole - Candidate for the position of Vice - President of UiAdoc

UiAdoc will have its 6th Annual General Assembly on December 14 (Thursday) 2023.

PhD Research Fellow at Department of Global Development & Planning

Faculty of Social Sciences, UiA

Tererai is a Zimbabwean currently working as a PhD Research Fellow affiliated with the department of Global Development and Planning. He is passionate about leadership and committed to championing the upliftment of the marginalized. Resultant of this passion and commitment, he has previously served in various leadership roles including being the Youth President for Zimbabwe’s biggest opposition political movement.

"Inspired by the work of the previous boards since the inception of UiAdoc, I am motivated to continue with the immense work that has been done in the past by our predecessors. I have a great desire to collaborate with colleagues in finding collective action points hence being part of UiAdoc presents a noble platform for me to meet colleagues, listen to ideas and act on proposals. I am running for this position so that we can work together as peers in crafting potential ideas to implement in our bid to enhance the quality of our stay here at UiA. At the center of this, it is our well being, hence the need to broaden our social networks to compliment our professional environment. I will simply be but part of you many voices in our pursuit to strengthen our networks for personal development. I may not be the best of agenda setters but you can certainly count on me when it comes to delivering on tasks that you will delegate to me. This explains why I chose the Vice President role so that I can work as an assistant to the President.

I have a passion for leadership and representation. Previously I have been in the UiA Student Parliament (2017) during my time as a Masters Student . I have also been the Political Officer for the International Students Union in Norway (2017)".

Here is the link to Tererai's UiA profile:

UiAdoc Board wishes you the best for the elections.

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