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All PhDs should have fair wages! Petition for equal pay

This year in May, the national salary negotiations led to a rise in pay for PhD employees, from level 50 to level 54 (read more about the process and salary levels in Norway here and here). The problem is that this raise only applies to PhDs hired after 1st of May 2019. If you're one of the unlucky ones who got hired before that date, you might be earning a good 30000 NOK less a year.

UiAdoc considers that, even though a raise in salary level is great, this should apply to all PhDs and not just lucky new ones. We believe that this approach is unfair treatment for the senior PhDs in Norway, and we would like to petition the decision making bodies to close this income gap. Our peers at NTNU feel the same and they are voicing their concerns (articles here).

To that purpose UiAdoc, with the support of Tekna, has prepared an online petition. We invite all UiA employees to sign the petition if they believe PhDs should have equal pay, and seniority should be rewarded.

If you support this cause, you can read more about the petition and sign it at the link below:

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