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Ashvini Sivasengaran - candidate for Events and Activities coordinator in Grimstad campus

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

UiAdoc will have its fifth Annual General Assembly on December 8 (Thursday) 2022.

Ashvini Sivasengaran, who is a PhD student in the Engineering and Science, told us why she would like to run for the position of Events and Activities coordinator in Grimstad campus.

"I believe that having a good support system and a platform to network is crucial for each of us. Therefore, I would like to play an active role in creating opportunities for us to meet by planning great activities that is not only informative but also fun. I've had the fortune of attending some of the activities that was planned by the current board and it would be my honour to continue planning activities in similar manner."

"I'm applying for the UiAdoc board so that I can play an important role in ensuring that the needs of the members are met. I'm a confident person with a can do attitude and I'm willing to put extra effort to ensure that the tasks assigned to me are completed in an efficient manner. In terms of previous experiences, I've held similar position during my undergraduate studies. I believe that I have the necessary organizational and planning skills that will allow me to perform my duties well. Aside from that, I believe that my communication skills and flexible nature will be an added advantage.

Here is the link to Ashvini's profile.

UiAdoc Board wishes you both all the best for the elections.

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