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Candidate for the board: Aleksandar Avramović

Name: Aleksandar Avramović, PhD Research Fellow

Applying for the position of: Treasurer

Name of department: Political Science and Management

I have decided to run for a position at UiAdoc board because I want to contribute to the establishment and operation of the organization which will hopefully serve as a hub for connecting all the PhDs and PostDocs at University of Agder. I believe that UiAdoc will be able to build the organizational culture of inclusion and community of sharing of both experience and knowledge among the PhDs and PostDocs in the years to come and I would like to be part of that story.

I do not have experience with other PhD associations as I was never a PhD before. However, I have significant work experience that may be relevant for the position I would like to occupy. I worked as project assistant at Mercedes Benz, American Chamber of Commerce and USAID Business Enabling Project. As a junior researcher I worked in Centre for Education Policy and Foundation Tempus. I also serve as a coordinating editor for Working Papers in Higher Education Studies, academic journal for PhD students in the field of higher education. I was involved in various types of activities in these positions, from more serios tasks such as research and project planning, to less demanding activities such as organization of events and administrative duties. Some of these tasks included a budget planning, and in that respect, I may be able to contribute to the UiAdoc as a Treasurer. I also know that as part of UiAdoc board I will be responsible for many other tasks, including the general decision making aimed at improving the lives and wellbeing of all of the UiA PhDs and PostDocs. Thus, I hope to get to know all of you better, to understand your problems, and represent your interest to the best of my abilities.

Starting to work as a PhD research fellow was not difficult for me. I informed myself trough informal channels on what to expect, and there were no surprises. However, it was difficult for some other colleagues who had problems with lack of information and support in their first months on the job. Being aware that bachelor and other students do have all kinds of support when they start to study, I wondered why no such system is in place for PhDs and PostDocs. This question led me to join the initiative aimed at founding a PhD/PostDoc association at UiA. The main idea was to create a link between university administration and PhD and PostDoc students and give us the chance to present our problems in a unified manner. I believe that university administration will be willing to help if we inform them about the problem. As my work continued, I also realized that I do not know any colleagues from other faculties and that there is no place where I can actually meet them. UiAdoc can be that place - where we not only discuss problems, but also spend time in a more relaxed setting which may include travels and parties.

Without further ado, I hope that I will be able to get to know you and that I can count on your support.

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