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Candidate for the board: Ingrid Lande Larsen

Name: Ingrid Lande Larsen, PhD Research Fellow

Applying for the position of: ex-officio Liaison officer with UiA board

Name of department: Engineering Sciences

I want to take this opportunity to run for the Ex-officio position in the UiAdoc board as I am a candidate for the upcoming election of the representative for temporary employees in the university board.

I wish to have this position to work for a strong connection between UiAdoc and the university board, making sure that the voices of all PhDs and Postdocs will be heard at the highest decision level of UiA. I believe that we together can contribute to a positive change for the university and for temporary employees at UiA.

I am a goal oriented and dedicated person. I have already worked for temporary employees' rights through union work and have experience from other boards and industrial networks, which I think is useful in this position.

If I get the opportunity to represent our group in the UiA board, I am highly motivated to contribute in the UiAdoc board and do my best to facilitate cooperation between the two boards.

I wish and hope for the vote of confidence from UiAdoc.

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