• gulshan.noorsumar

Gulshan Noorsumar - candidate for the position of Communication and marketing coordinator at UiAdoc

Today UiAdoc has its third General Assembly. Gulshan, who is a PhD in the Engineering Sciences department at Tekreal, told us why she is running for the position of Communication and marketing coordinator in the UiAdoc board.

"Hello All, I am Gulshan, I would like to represent my fellow colleagues (PhDs and Post Docs) at the UiA Board to bring voice to their rights and concerns. I would try to bridge the communication gap between university boards and temporary employees if I get a chance to represent on the UiA Doc board. Based on my experience in this university, communication is a open area which has scope for improvements. I have been a student representative for my Bachelor's degree and have a sound professional background to support my previous experience in Communications. "

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