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Johan Erik Andersen- candidate for the position of Communication and marketing coordinator at UiAdoc

Today UiAdoc has its third General Assembly. Johan Erik, who is a PhD in the Political Science and Management department of the Faculty of Social Sciences, told us why he is running for the position of Communication and marketing coordinator in the UiAdoc board.

"I am applying to the position as Communication and Marketing Coordinator because it is my intention to help UiAdoc in its work towards spreading awareness of the organization, as well as strengthening the voice of PhDs and Postdoc researchers at the University of Agder. I consider myself an approachable person, who understands the value of words, humour, and warm gestures, and aspire to do what I can to help ensure an enjoyable work environment.

The relevant work experience that I can contribute with to UiAdoc stems from my time at Think Tank EUROPA, a think tank based in Copenhagen, where I worked as a project assistant after finishing my studies at the Central European University in Budapest. At the think tank I wrote analysis papers, held lectures, and participated in networking with researchers, politicians, and decision-makers from Denmark and abroad. Following the position as a project assistant, I enrolled in the Teacher Education-programme at University College Copenhagen, where I managed to finish their pedagogical training in Didactics of Dialogue (in short: how dialogue can be used as a management tool - to encourage learning, to gather information, and to diffuse conflicts) prior to accepting the offer for the PhD position at UiA. Whether I am writing, networking, or teaching my goal has always been the same – to learn and to share knowledge. It is my full intention to approach the role as Communication and Marketing Coordinator with dedication and professionalism – to share my experience, to gain new insight, and to learn where it proves necessary.

Thank you for considering my application."

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