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Juan Diego Cardenas-Cartagena - candidate for Academic and skills development coordinator at UiAdoc

Today UiAdoc has its third General Assembly. Diego, who is a PhD in the ICT department of Tekreal, told us why he is running for the position of Academic and skills development coordinator in the UiAdoc board.

"The UiAdoc organization has a strong influence during my doctoral experience at UiA. From the beginning with the intro day for new Ph.D. and Postdoc researchers to different events to integrate the community during these strange pandemic times. Along our research journey, we face several challenges as Ph.D. and Postdoc researchers, like finishing our projects, increase our networking and face a competitive labour market afterwards. Thus, my aim as "Academic and skills development coordinator" is to support the professional development of the Ph.D. and Postdoc community at UiA by providing relevant resources and organizing gatherings to join the internal UiA community, and meet external institutions and individuals interested in our projects. "

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