Martin Holen - candidate for the position of President of UiAdoc

UiAdoc will have its fourth General Assembly on March 30th 2022.

Martin, who is a PhD in the Department of Engineering Sciences, told us why he is running for the position of President on the UiAdoc board.

'Norwegian version: Hei, jeg heter Martin Holen og er en PhD i IKT avdelingen og jobber med selvkjørende biler. Jeg ønsker å forbedre forholdet mellom UiA styret of UiAdoc, imens jeg presser dem for bedre rettigheter for PhDs og Postdocs. Jeg har tidligere erfaring som klasse representant gjennom bacheloren og første året masteren. Da jeg var klasse representant jobbet jeg hardt for å endre bachelor og master programmet i IKT, og en del av endringene ble gjort. Jeg er også ikke redd for å ta opp ukomfortable emner ovenfor ledere av UiA på vegne av mine medarbeidere.

English version:

Hi, I am Martin Holen a PhD in the ICT department working on autonomous vehicles. I wish to run for UiAdoc to work to improve our relationship with the heads of UiA, while pushing heavily for PhD and Postdocs rights. I have previous experience as a class representative throughout my bachelor's and for the first year of my master's. When I was the class representative I worked hard to change the bachelor's and master's programs in ICT, a lot of which has been realized. I'm not scared to bring up uncomfortable topics in front of leaders of UiA on behalf of my coworkers.

- Martin'

UiAdoc Board wishes you all the best for the elections.

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