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Pragyan Thapa - candidate for the Treasurer Position

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

UiAdoc will have its fifth Annual General Assembly on December 8 (Thursday) 2022.

Pragyan Thapa, who is a PhD student in Social Sciences, told us why he would like to run for the position of Treasurer.

"I think it will be a great learning opportunity. I want to gain valuable experiences to organize and manage student activities. It will also give me a rich experience beyond my normal research life.

I am applying for the UiAdoc board to become more actively involved in student activities, make new friends, and work in a collaborative environment. I believe that the student body in UiAdoc will be made up of PhDs and postdocs from diverse background and disciplines, it is important that we communicate and learn from each other's experience. To do that end, I'm interested to make a positive contribution with my ability to work in a diverse team. Though I don't have any previous experience, I seek to learn about financial and budgetary side of organizing student activities, and I think the position of a treasurer gives me that opportunity."

Here is the link to Pragyan's profile

UiAdoc Board wishes you both all the best for the elections.

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