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Saishashank Balaji - candidate for the position of Vice President of UiAdoc

UiAdoc will have its fourth General Assembly on March 30th 2022.

Saishashank, who is a PhD in the Department of Engineering Sciences, told us why he is running for the position of Vice President on the UiAdoc board.

'Heisann, I'm Shashank, 25 years old, and I'm a PhD at Tekreal. I'm originally from India but have lived in France for the last few years and in Norway since 2021.

And here's why I want to run for the Vice-President of the UiAdoc Board.

I see UiAdoc as an essential part of the research community at UiA that represents the collective interest of all researchers. As a former board member, I have experience in operations, outreach, and financial management of the board. As a VP, I believe that I can help the new team with my experience and give them a head start. As a relatively young PhD interest group compared to our counterparts nationally, UiAdoc has made remarkable headway to be an organisation representing 350+ of its members at UiA and nationally at SiN. As a young organisation, we also have the opportunity to grow and try unique pathways to improve the quality of the research environment at UiA.

Together with the team, I think we can accomplish more in these areas.

  • Closer cooperation with the university management

  • Regular dialogues with all the institute reps at UiA

  • Improve grass-roots recognition of UiAdoc at both campuses.

  • Encourage collegiality and research collaboration between PhDs at both campuses.

And I'd like to see these ideas come to fruition and help the board as VP.



UiAdoc Board wishes you all the best for the elections.

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