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Tomorrow is Assembly day! What should you know?

Time is ticking and in less than 24h we will meet in Kristiansand to oficially set up UiAdoc- the PhD and Postoc Association at UiA. We thank everyone that took time off of their busy schedules to join the event or proxy their votes to the people coming.

So, what do you need to know if you're coming to the UiAdoc GA tomorrw?

1. Who the candidates are- All candidates and their motivation letters were published in the General Assembly section of this website. Make sure you check out their profiles so you know who is running, for what and why!

2. What happens to the position with no candidates?- We have one position with no candidates: Events and activities coordinator. We will be taking candidatures on the spot for this position during the General Assembly.

3. The UiAdoc statutes- no amendments were submitted for the UiAdoc statutes. You can check the current text of the statutes HERE. The statutes will be voted section by section in the General Assembly.

4. What about food and drinks? It's a long program!- coffee, tea, water, snacks and lunch will be provided for Registration, Coffee breaks and lunch.

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