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UiAdoc Annual General Assembly 2023 - We need you!

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

UiAdoc is organising our Annual General Assembly on December 14th (Thursday) at BARE Studenthus (Skippergata 24b, 4611, Kristiansand), Starting at 4pm (16:00).

The UiAdoc Annual General Assembly (AGA) is held every year to review the activities of the organisation during the year and elect new board members to the management.

All PhDs and postdocs at UiA have the right to run for board positions and have voting rights to elect new board members.

The board’s term will be from 1st of January 2024 till 31st of December 2024.

This year the board is inviting you to run for 5 available positions.

1. President – one year till 31st of December 2024

2. Vice President – one year till 31st of December 2024

3. Events and activities coordinator Grimstad campus – one year till 31st of December 2024

4. Events and activities coordinator Kristiansand campus – one year till 31st of December 2024

5. Communications and marketing coordinator – one year till 31st of December 2024

Each board member will receive compensation of up to 10,000 NOK/Year (subject to AGA approval) for their role.

The AGA will be in hybrid session (both physical and online), members will be able to attend and vote remotely.

Come vote or join the board! Joining the board can be a good opportunity to contribute directly to PhD and postdoc's operations and growth. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding joining the board!

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