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UiAdoc has a lot of exciting events planned for Sept-Oct

Here is a list of the upcoming events from UiAdoc.

  • Young Researcher's Night: September 24 - registration link below

  • Online Chess Competition - Second Tournament: September 30 - register to the tournament here

Time 1800 - 1930

We will share more information about this event in the coming week.

  • Kaffe with Kuriosity (Monthly social event): October 1st - This month the social event will also include live streaming of the Open Science session in Global Lounge (Campus Grimstad); the topic is 'Pitfalls and Possibilities of Open Publishing- A Researcher's Perspective'. Some snacks and beverages would be served for our members. Time 1200-1330

We encourage UiAdoc members in Kristiansand to attend the Open Science session in campus KRS (physical event in Kristiansand)

  • Intro Event for New PhDs and postdocs: October 08. This quarterly event catering to new employees on both campuses will include a physical 'meet and greet' session introducing them to 'Life of a PhD/postdoc in UiA'. We also share some tips and tricks along with our experiences to the new employees. Time: 1300-1430.

Global Lounge (Campus Kristiansand and Campus Grimstad)

The presentation will be held both online and offline to benefit all employees. There would be tea/coffee and snacks for the physical attendees.

Registration Link to the Intro Event below:

UiAdoc Upcoming Events

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