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A new team for UiAdoc

Just a few days ago, on May 12th, UiAdoc has had its second General Assembly where more than 60 of our members participated. As the pandemic rules apply to us as well, we had to h

ave the meeting online. Nevertheless, we managed to be efficient and, on top of learning new things about the Corona situation from our rector, Sunniva Whittaker, we also went through the reports for the last year, plan for 2020-2021 and elected a new board for our organization.

But maybe you missed the meeting and you are curious to know who is leading UiAdoc now? Well, wait no more! We would like to welcome:

- Barbara Carvalho, PhD Department of Psychosocial Health, as the new president (1 year position)

- Mareike Brehmer, PhD Department of Education, as the new Secretary (2 years positon)

- Aleksandar Avramovic, PhD Department of , continuing his role as Treasurer for the second year of his term (2 years position)

- Saga Pardede, PhD Department of Psychosocial Health, as the first ever Events and Activities Coordinator (1 year position)

- Hossein Baharmand, Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Information and Communication Technology, as the new Academic and Skills Development Coordinator (1 year position)

- Sinziana Rasca, PhD Department of Engineering Sciences, as the new Communications and Marketing Coordinator (1 year position).

- Ingrid

Lande Larsen, PhD Department of Engineering Sciences, ex-officio member until 31 July 2

020 when the person that will be elected to the UiA board will take her place.

Our deepest thanks to the board that is stepping down for the work they put in to build UiAdoc from scratch and bring PhDs and Postdocs at UiA together while also doing their best to represent them towards the university leadership. Thank you Anne Deininger (Academic and Skills Development Coordinator), Zachary Bresler (Communications and Marketing Coordinator) and Erik Kimathi (Secretary)! You were mindblowing awesome and we hope we'll still work together in the coming year!

P.S. Group photos will follow when we get to actually see each other :) Keep safe!

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