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Theano Leventopoulou - Candidate for the President position of UiAdoc

UiAdoc will have its 6th Annual General Assembly on December 14 (Thursday) 2023.

PhD Stipendiat - Institutt for ingeniørvitenskap, Faculty of Engineering & Science

Theano is a Greek Naval Architect currently working at the University of Agder in Norway as a PhD research fellow. She holds a MEng. in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. After her internship in MARIN, which was focused on modeling towed transports, she worked for Damen Naval, as Shock & Noise Specialist, focused on shock & noise aspects, FEM analysis, and onboard verifications.

"There are no ideas, there are only people who carry the ideas, and they get the height of those who carry them. I believe in the power and the voice of the team and exchanging ideas. I was a team leader and project manager for AIESEC of Athens, one of the biggest student exchange volunteering organisation. Before the start of my engineering and researching career, i used to work for a swiss company, where again i was managing the teams for their onboarding. Management is doing things right, where leadership is doing the right things. As a greek philosophical girl, my values rely on free and endless talking, enjoying participation, laughing and learning secrets from all the world. I am settling down on an even better university community with collaborations between the departments and social events, especially for Campus Grimstad where there is a significant lack of connecting the community. As a south person, passion and motivation are strong assets. Respect and democracy are considerable values. Being diverse is cool, like the pandas, so be a panda!

People is the key. I believe in leadership and exchanging of free ideas. This opportunity will help me growing personally and professionally throughout my soft and problem solving skills. I really like seeing the development on people and I am really focusing on boosting the team throughout a collective and collaborating spirit. Good luck with all the canditates and never hesitate taking risks :)".

Here is the link to Thea's UiA profile:

UiAdoc Board wishes you the best for the elections.

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