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Interested in representing temporary employees in the UiA Board? Run for a position! (DDL 19 April)

Hello, fellow PhD and Postdoc friends! This message contains important news, so please read it through.

Every year, the University of Agder holds elections for the University Board, and there is one position that must be filled to represent Temporary Employees, which primarily consists of PhD and Postdoc researchers. The elected representative will also be offered an ex-officio position on the board of UiAdoc, in order to encourage a direct communication and collaboration between the two boards.

We encourage candidates interested to run for this position to present their candidature in the frame of the UiAdoc General Assembly. UiAdoc would like to organize an online event where the candidates can present themselves and discuss with their constituency about their wish to run for the board and how they plan to actively support the interests of our group in the board.

Information about the position (from the UiA website)

The period of representation is from 1 August 2021 – 31 July 2022.

Important dates

8 March –19 April 2 pm: Candidate submission period.

NB: A submission must be signed on a separate form (pdf) by at least 5 eligible members of the constituency (names, positions, faculties and UiA e-mails) and forwarded in writing by e-mail to, or delivered to Elin Gauslaa, secretary of the Election Committee at UiA, no later than 2 pm on 19 April 2021.

19 April 2 pm: Last chance to check the electoral register to see whether you are registered to vote. You check the electoral register on the voting page.

NB: It is your responsibility to check the register. If you are not in the register, you will not be able to vote.

3 May 10 am – 10. May 2 pm: Election period. You vote by way of the voting page.

16 May 2 pm: Period of election complaints end. (Any complaints concerning the election must be submitted in writing by e-mail to no later than 2 pm on 16 May.)

Who can be elected?

For full text see the university’s election regulations

Eligible as the constituency’s representative to the university board is anyone who is employed in at least a 50 % temporary position and has been employed by the university for at least six months prior to the end of the election period. A fixed term employee in at least a 50 % position may also be eligible if the employment term expires after the period of representation ends.

The current representative for temporary employees on the University Board is Anne Kirstine Munk Christiansen. If you have questions about the responsibilities and realities of the position (and the UiAdoc board position that comes with it), feel free to email us at

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