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New board, new beginnings: UiAdoc had its first General Assembly!

Updated: May 20, 2019

Just before the Norwegian Constitution Day, PhDs and Postdocs from both campuses of UiA gathered in Kristiansand to have the first General Assembly of UiAdoc.

It was a long and intense day, where the statutes of the newly formed PhD and Postdoc Association at UiA were debated and voted through. In addition, the candidates for the first board of the association presented themselves and were elected for their new term.

We are happy to present the members of the new UiAdoc board:

- President (1 year term)- Sinziana Rasca (PhD)

- Secretary (1 year term)- Eric Kimathy (PhD)

- Treasurer (2 years term)- Aleksandar Avramovic (PhD)

- Academic and skills development coordinator (1 year term)- Anne Deininger

- Communication and marketing coordinator (1 year term)- Zachary Bresler

- UiAdoc candidate for the UiA board (potential Liaison officer- ex officio member of the board, 1 year term): Ingrid Lande Larsen (PhD)

We thank all the PhDs and Postdocs present at the event, together with Simone Katharina Heinz, Research Director and Øyvind Nystøl, Senior Advisor for offering their time and contribution to the building of UiAdoc!

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