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Roger Aganze - Candidate for the position of Vice - President of UiAdoc

UiAdoc will have its 6th Annual General Assembly on December 14 (Thursday) 2023.

Ph.d.-kandidatat Institutt for strategi og ledelse, School of Business, UiA

Roger Aganze works both as a PhD candidate and research fellow at the Center for Research on Social Enterprises and Microfinance Institutions (CERSEM) at UiA. His research field is mostly international business operations. His main topic is: “Understanding of the dynamics of informal financial organizations within the poorest communities in low-income countries.”

He holds a master's degree in mathematical methods in economics and finance from the University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne (in France), a master's degree in transport and logistics from the University Libre de Bruxelles (in Belgium), a master's degree in financial management from the Universite Catholique de Bukavu (in Democratic Republic Congo, his hometown), and a bachelor’s degree in economics.

"I am applying for the position of vice president because I have been actively involved in the events organized by UiAdoc, and through my experience, I can bring some new perspectives to its activities, such as:

1. Contribute to the community building of UiAdoc: networking of Ph.D. students and postdocs with professionals and senior researchers. Target: opportunities for research, jobs, exchange, etc. in Norway, Nordic countries, and maybe the EU.

2. Organize an event where Ph.D. students and postdocs present their theses (or projects) in 3 minutes. Innovative projects could win trophies.

3. Workshop on building a network and career development: Invite a senior (available resources).

4. Workshop on how to pitch your research

5. Pitfalls to avoid: Front-to-front Ph.D. students and postdocs

6. Social gatherings: Night movies, Euro vision, quizzes, and games,

7. Party/Dancing night

After being a Ph.D. representative for one year and a half, I have accumulated some soft skills that could benefit the UiAdoc community, among which are organizational skills, supportive capacity, etc. I also have experience as a temporary representative of an informatics center. Through this experience, I have developed skills to negotiate

UiAdoc also needs a more creative board to make it more visible and sustainable".

Here is the link to Roger's UiA profile:

UiAdoc Board wishes you the best for the elections.

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