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Saishashank Balaji - candidate for the position of Treasurer of UiAdoc

Today UiAdoc has its third General Assembly. Saishashank, who is a PhD in the Engineering Sciences department of Tekreal, told us why he is running for the position of Treasurer in the UiAdoc board.

"Dear Members,

I'm Saishashank Balaji, a first-year PhD researcher from the specialization of Mechatronics. Upon learning about the general assembly convention to elect the member positions for the UiAdoc board, I was eager to join the team and explore the ways I could contribute to our growing community of researchers. With that, I take this opportunity to announce my intent to represent the PhDs and Postdoc's as your Treasurer.

Next to ideas, I believe that the reason for running for a position is a critical aspect of success. I'm running because I care about the causes we value: support, represent and connect. Naturally, operating a huge association comes with its obligations. A big part of

that is managing the finances of transactions, fundraising, and planning.

I have the exposure of working in multi-national and multi-cultural research teams during my internships in France. My experience stems from my former positions in the student body from my university studies. I served as a student activities coordinator and then the vice

president of the student body. As the vice president, I was responsible for the association's general administration & functioning, was instrumental in drafting financial policy for various events and workshops through fundraising programs and sponsorship management. As student activities coordinator, I planned outreach programs to connect students towards career and research opportunities through partnership with consultancies, professional development centres.

I believe that I have relevant experience and background, and I hope the members of the General Assembly chooses me as their representative for the position of Treasurer.


Saishashank BALAJI"

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