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Situation for COVID-19 related extension at UiA

Many of the PhDs and Postdocs at UiA are not sure what the situation about applying or re-applying for COVID-19 related extension is at the moment. The information on the intranet of the UiA website states that "You can apply for extension if you have been truly hampered in your research following the coronavirus situation. Extensions will be evaluated following a specific and individual assessment".

Here, below, we will make here a short summary based on information received from the leadership of UiA in several live meetings.

  1. Extension applications are treated at department level. Please contact your next in line to discuss about applying for COVID-19 related extensions of contract.

  2. There is no standard form to fill in for the extension application.

  3. Make sure to have as much documentation as possible to support your application (timesheets of lost time, if possible; letter from your supervisor etc.).

  4. Clearly state the length of the extension you require, in workdays.

  5. If you are unsure about what rights you have related to extensions, you should contact your union representative.

We hope this information is helpful!

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