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Young researcher? There's a place for you in the Academy of Young Researchers here in Norway!

For those of our members who have had good research results in their work, there is a rather exclusive club with a perfect place for them here in Norway! The Academy of Young Researchers. And they are looking to get some new members!

Are you under 38, a researcher, got some significant and independent scientific or artistic work to show in your portfolio and you are looking to meet like-minded people? Then don't miss the chance to submit your application to join the Academy of Young Researchers in Norway! The deadline is 30 June.

The Academy for Young Researchers was established in 2015. The organization is an interdisciplinary meeting place and research policy platform for younger researchers, an impetus for innovative research dissemination and an attractive scientific debate arena.At present, the Academy has 34 members, but in the long term, the Academy will consist of around 40 younger researchers working in Norway.

More information about how to apply and what this entails HERE.

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